Boeing 747-8 Freighter Interior

With a fuselage that’s 18.4 feet (5.6 meters) longer than the 747-400F, the 747-8F has 16 percent more revenue cargo volume. It retains the 747-400’s nose-door loading capability, industry-standard 10-foot-high (3 meter) pallets, and cargo-density capability of 10.3 pounds per cubic foot (165 kilograms per cubic meter). The 747-8F has a maximum structural payload capacity of 148 tons (134 tonnes) and, with 4,245 cubic feet (120 cubic meters) greater volume than the 747-400F, the airplane can accommodate four additional main-deck pallets and three additional lower-hold pallets

While the 747-8F can carry more cargo than the 747-400F, it also has an improved cargo handling system that is lighter, more reliable, and provides more flexibility, making it more efficient to load and unload the airplane.

The 747-8F has nearly equivalent trip costs and 16 percent lower ton-mile costs than the 747-400F. The new 747-8F airplane offers a range of 4,390 nautical miles (8,130 kilometers) at maximum structural payload.