Boeing 747-8 Reduced maintenance requirements

Because the maintenance program for the 747-8 has longer maintenance intervals than the 747-400, fewer consumables are used, less waste is produced, and the airplane spends less time on the ground. The use of advanced alloys, which are also on the 777, greatly reduce corrosion. Light-emitting diode lighting is used wherever feasible, reducing bulb replacements. Improved reliability of the engines means that fewer post-maintenance engine runs are required, reducing fuel burn and accelerating maintenance activities.

Because the 747-8 has the same door sill heights as the 747-400, it can use the same ramp equipment (see fig. 10). Pneumatic start carts, ground power units, and potable water and lavatory service carts are common between the two models. Additionally, the 747-8F can use the same cargo handling equipment as the 747‑400F.